Oxygen Flowmeters


About Product

It is used when it is attached to the medical oxygen outlet connected to the central gas system and oxygen is given to the patient by passing it through the nose and mouth and the humidifier through the mask. Scale indicator and humidifier jar are made of rust resistant polycarbonate and can be sterilized at 134 ° C. Flowmeters are manufactured in DIN (German), BS (British), NF (French) standards. 

The flowmeter is manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 7396-1: 2007, EN ISO 9170-1: 2008, EN ISO 15002: 2008.

Product Codes:

702-01-01 - Oxygen Flowmeter Single DIN

702-01-02 - Oxygen Flowmeter Single BS

702-01-03 - Oxygen Flowmeter Single AF

702-02-01 - Oxygen Flowmeter Double DIN

702-02-02 - Oxygen Flowmeter Double BS

702-02-03 - Oxygen Flowmeter Double AF